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12.04.2022 @ Barka, Podgórska 16

KRUG #4 / 2022 powered by Railwaymen

Meetup #3/2014 - ruby_burgers.rb & Making Ruby Fun(ctional)


Spring is coming to let's do a change with our meetings. We've got a message from Daniel Reszka from Belgium who's currently in Krakow and he proposed to organize a Krakovian ruby_burgers meeting, what is a cool idea.

"Rubyburgers is an informal meetup for rubyists. It started as a joke to help people discover great burger joints in Brussels, and it has become a tradition:

Marc Lainez, one of the "founders", having moved to Texas, created a group there: 

Laurent Sansonetti (the guy behind RubyMotion), extending the joke, has created Ruby Boulets (which translates to "Ruby kotlet") in Liège, Belgium:" - Daniel Reszka

So, let's meet in Love Krove and have a delicious (ruby) burger and beer - B&B ;)! Later on, there will be a traditional part and one presentation:

"Making Ruby Fun(ctional)" by Adam Pohorecki

Beer is traditionally sponsored by infakt, however burgers are on your own.

Space in Love Krove is limited and we have to set the attendee limit. RSVP starting on April 8, 2014 Tuesday 9:00pm.


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