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12.04.2022 @ Barka, Podgórska 16

KRUG #4 / 2022 powered by Railwaymen

Meetup #5/2014 - Lean coffee

Dali Club, ul. Mazowiecka 21/1

We want to try a new formula of meeting on KRUG. Instead of having a set of presentations, we’ll have a set of discussions in form of Lean Coffee (

Rules of lean coffee are simple. First we compose an agenda from participants’ topics, then we vote on them and order them by score. Then discussion starts with the most popular one. Every topic gets a ten minute slot, after time runs out, we vote whether we continue or go to next one from the list.

Please propose any topics that you are curious about, everything that is around Ruby, web development, etc. is fine.

Don't be afraid to propose a topic that you don't know or fully understand, your job is only to ask the question, other participants will try to help you. You don’t have to prepare any presentations or speeches, actually you shouldn’t, as to goal is to let everyone actively participate and share knowledge.

It would be great to have an agenda beforehand, to know what to expect from the meeting, so please fill in the topic during registration or post it here in the comments. Of course we’ll accept new ideas on the meeting as well. We’ll do our best to keep the list in the description up to date.


• soa vs microservices - what's the difference?

• hygienic practices for working with fat models

• when to extract services

• opinions on using exceptions for validations control flow

• does Ruby need dependency injection?

• hacking CodeClimate - what do you think about Concerns?

• applications templates/rails-composer or writing from scratch every time?

• Rails best practices

• How Agile is your company (what Agile principles do you use)? What is good and what is bad about this.

• Rails of Sinatra for mobile app backend?

• How long do we have until Rails becomes obsolete?

• SPAs - one application or two?

• why Ruby developers don't want to talk to headhunters? ;)

• Best practices for building an API with ruby and related technologies

• functional programming

Thanks to our generous sponsors we can enjoy this KRUG meeting:

Dali gave us space and inFakt will regale us with beer. Thanks!


Would you like to share your concepts or dilemmas on one of our KRUG events? Or maybe you are up for sponsoring one of them? If your answer is yes to any of the two questions, drop us a message at