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12.04.2022 @ Barka, Podgórska 16

KRUG #4 / 2022 powered by Railwaymen

Meetup #6/2014 - Lightning Talks Fest

Dali Club, ul. Mazowiecka 21/1

Full time presentations are great. During 40 minutes every topic can be covered in-depth. In other hand, sometimes they can be very dull.

This time we would like to strike you with series of lightning talks. 10 presentations of 5 minutes each. You won't get bored and you'll have a chance to listen and chat about many topics during one evening!

Speakers (topics will be announced soon):

• Adam Pohorecki - Sweeten your JavaScript with Macros

• Artur Trzop - Parallel tests in comparable time

• Dawid Cichuta - Being a  Software Craftsman has never been easier

• Krzysztof Knapik - Keeping ruby/rails app configuration maintainable & verifiable

• Grzegorz Rożniecki - Modern::Perl

• Michał Taszycki - Wait... Commodore 64 could do that? 32 years ago?

• Łukasz Odziewa - Create avatars on the fly

• Marcin Bunsch - Wrangling Service Objects with method_struct

• Grzegorz Świrski - Zero downtime migrations

• you!

Is there a gem you use in every project? You heard about interesting programming concept or design pattern? Maybe you have some thoughts you'd like to share with others? Contact us if you'd like to give a lightning talk! Hurry up - only 1 spot left!

Big thanks to out sponsors:
Dali Club for venue
inFakt for beverage 


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