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12.04.2022 @ Barka, Podgórska 16

KRUG #4 / 2022 powered by Railwaymen

Meetup #1/2015 - Meteor.js and Shores of the inFORMation Technology

Pauza In Garden, Rajska 12

19:00 - MeteorJS - the new chapter of applications building - Szymon Paluch

I want to show how easily we can build reactive applications, with using Meteor framework. 

Szymon Paluch

I'm a full-stack web developer, running on startup which is called Craftinity. We are making web and mobile applications by using the newest technologies such as Meteor Js. I'm using Meteor as my main tool for over a year. My experiences in public talks are: 

• organizer and speaker of first polish Meteor conference (MeteoBit), 

• organizer and speaker of Worldwide Meteor Day - Kraków, 

• organizing Meteor prelections for university students (UP, PK, AGH).

19:45 - Mind Opener: On the Shores of the inFORMation Technology - Mikołaj Pastuszko

Information Technology, as the queen of science, flourishes today as never before. We discover its most delicious fruits while wandering near its borders, where it interacts with other areas of knowledge. I'm going to visit some of these places together with you during the presentation. We will walk through the lands of art, psychology, visual communication, linguistics, and more. Let the form show its beautiful variations.

Mikołaj Pastuszko

UX Designer who synthesizes Psychology and Software Development skills to make people's lives a pleasurable experience. He has grown a UX team at the XTRF company which he currently works for. Speaker at various conferences, including Droidcon Kraków, 4Developers, Java Developer Days, Dni Wolnego Oprogramowania and more.


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