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11.04.2023 @ Barka, Podgórska 16

KRUG #2 / 2023 powered by community :)

KRUG #5 iOS and Ruby

Pauza In Garden, Rajska 12

"API for mobile in inFakt" - Radek Woźniak

This time you'll have a change to listen how guys from InFakt implemented iOS app and Ruby backend for their platform.

InFakt is a company which developed their product using many technologies. They provide many accounting services for small and medium companies. They are also our long time sponsor.

"A thing or two about RubyMotion" - Michał Taszycki

RubyMotion is a set of tools that allow you to write cross platform (iOS, OSX, Android) applications in Ruby. You can expect a bit of live coding, Q&A and finally a discussion about the future of cross platform apps in Ruby.

Michal used to be a Software Developer focusing on web and mobile technologies, as well as AAA Game Development. As a web developer he worked at international companies like Sabre, Base CRM or GunpowderLabs. While his GameDev alter ego helped to deliver one of the first games on PS3 - Motorstorm and a PC port of Xbox360 game - Saints Row 2.

Today he is running his company - Creative Mind, focused on helping software developers improve their skills, often in unconventional ways.

He is passionate about programming ancient computers and teaching others how to do it at ( - Short and Sweet C64 Programming Screencasts.


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