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11.02.2020 @ BAL, Ślusarska 9

KRUG #2 / 2020 powered by u2i

KRUG #9 / 2016 - Taxamo + Stripe / Hanami / Crystal - a better Ruby?

BAL, Ślusarska 9

Hello Ruby enthusiasts! It's time for a Christmas KRUG!

Be aware, that from now on we will start one hour earlier (18:00)! The reason is pretty simple: many of you go to KRUG straight after work. And one hour earlier means one less extra hour at work.

Meetup details: KRUG #9 / 2016 -[masked] @ Bal 18:00.

The subjects for this meetup will be:

• Taxamo + Stripe [EN/PL] by Grzegorz Unijewski

• Hanami [EN/PL] by Paweł Świątkowski

• Crystal - better Ruby? [EN/PL] by Radosław Bułat


18:00 - Opening - A Few Words from Organizers + CHANGELOG
18:15 - Hanami [EN/PL] by Paweł Świątkowski
18:50 - Q&A session
19:15 -Taxamo + Stripe [EN/PL] by Grzegorz Unijewski
19:50 - Q&A session
20:00 - Crystal - better Ruby? [EN/PL] by Radosław Bułat
20:30 - Q&A session

KRUG #9/2016 is sponsored by Netguru. Netguru is one of the fastest growing software houses in Europe. A team of over 180 experts includes Ruby on Rails and mobile (iOS/Android) developers along with project managers, quality assurance specialists, and UX/UI designers. Since founding in 2008, we've delivered products and solutions to over 100 clients and partners including major corporations and rising enterprises from all around the globe. Netguru has been ranked number 5 in the prestigious 2014 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe Awards.

Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon!

Useful links:

KRUG meetup page

KRUG Facebook page

KRUG Github organization page

Netguru website


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