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17.10.2022 @

KRUG #5 / 2022 powered by inFakt

KRUG #7 / 2017 powered by Fornax

BAL, Ślusarska 9

Hello Ruby enthusiasts!

We apologize for announcing details about this event so late. The delay happened due to external factors. Luckily, we were able to overcome difficulties thanks to out friends, that helped us out!

This time, we will have two great technical talks!

KRUG #7/2017 is powered by Fornax ( Read more information about the company below.

Meetup details: KRUG #7 / 2017 -[masked] @ Bal 18:00.

- 18:00 - Opening - A Few Words from Organizers + CHANGELOG
- 18:15 - Present state and future of Ruby language and its implementations [EN/PL] - Marcin Ostrowski
- 18:45 - Q&A session
- 19:00 - "How many cats are in the image?" - deep learning for object detection [EN/EN] - Rafał Cycoń
- 19:30 - Q&A session
- 19:45 - Networking

More about Fornax:

Fornax is a Cracow based company that specializes in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Since 2013 we help our clients grow and expand their business by applying innovative end2end solutions.

Our main driver are people. We know that the real value is a strong team, that’s why we focus on attracting amazing ambitious individuals with strong team skills: as they say, A-players attract A-players. Geeky type of spirit with focus on delivering high standards and constantly challenging the status quo - that’s how we want to see ourselves.

Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon!

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Fornax (
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