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17.10.2022 @

KRUG #5 / 2022 powered by inFakt

KRUG #3 / 2021 powered by GlobalAppTesting

Barka, Podgórska 16

Hello Ruby Enthusiasts!

It's time for the next KRUG meetup!

This time, we will have two great technical talks!

KRUG #3/2021 is powered by GlobalAppTesting (

Hello 👋 Put simply, when the likes of Google or Facebook need to globally test their app, they use Global App Testing. We help companies all around the world accelerate growth through our crowd-enabled testing platform for web and mobile apps.

There are 3 reasons why you should work with us:
- You’ll be working in a fast feedback and deploy environment
- You’ll use the latest technology and practices
- You’ll grow personally and professionally

Check out our blog Engineering@GAT:

Meetup details: KRUG #3/2021 -[masked] @Barka 18:00


- 18:00 - Opening - A Few Words from Organizers
- 18:15 - "Journey to DDD - through the land of Dungeons, Dragons and other Daemons " by Piotr Brych (GlobalAppTesting) [EN/EN]
- 18:50 - Q&A session
- 19:20 - "In-N-Out: Design patterns for what you receive and what you return" by Walerian Sobczak [EN/EN]
- 20:00 - Q&A session
- 20:30 - Networking

Useful links:

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KRUG Github organization page ( )


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