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14.11.2023 @ Browar Nowa Wytwórnia, Fabryczna 13

KRUG #3 / 2023 powered by Zendesk

KRUG #1 / 2023 powered by Upside

Barka, Podgórska 16

Hello Ruby Enthusiasts!

It's time for the next KRUG meetup!

This time, we will have two technical talks.

Standard KRUG policies apply - branding and recruitment is limited to sponsor only! ;)

KRUG #1/2023 is powered by Upside

[Upside]( is a software development consultancy focused on digital commerce and a core maintainer of [Spree Commerce](, a leading Ruby-based open-source ecommerce framework. They operate globally, with offices in Kraków and Berlin. Their fast-growing team consists of over 20 specialists sharing knowledge about Ruby, but that's not all. Meet them during this year’s first KRUG!

**Meetup details**: KRUG #1/2023 -[masked] @Barka 18:30


* 18:30 - Opening - A Few Words from Organizers
* 18:45 - Karol Szuster - Just in time for 3.2 - Ruby's journey from AST walker to JIT compiler
* 19:15 - Q&A session
* 19:30 - Karol Musur - Jak zostać serwerem HTTP?
* 20:00 - Q&A session
* 20:15 - Networking

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