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14.11.2023 @ Browar Nowa Wytwórnia, Fabryczna 13

KRUG #3 / 2023 powered by Zendesk

For speakers

If you are interested in having a presentation at KRUG meetup, please send your application via email at

  • When you prepare your presentation, be ready to deliver it in the 20 to 45 minutes timeframe (except of lightning talks).
  • Make sure it shows how much is left; you can use a progress bar to illustrate it.
  • The submission deadline for the subject is 14 days before the event.
  • You can prepare and deliver your presentation either in Polish or English.
  • The subject is approved by the ogranizers up to 3 days from submission.
  • You are entitled to 1 commercial/advertising slide at the maximum (except of Sponsor).
  • You are entitled to vestigal advertising during the presentation. Maximum 1 slide and 30 seconds speech. (It does not apply to the sponsor)


  • Follow MINASWAN (Matz is Nice And So We Are Nice).
  • Refrain from aggressive or intrusive HR practices.
  • Alert community leaders, if you notice a dangerous situation or any violations of the following Code of Conduct.
  • For details, go to Berlin Code of Conduct (


Would you like to share your concepts or dilemmas on one of our KRUG events? Or maybe you are up for sponsoring one of them? If your answer is yes to any of the two questions, drop us a message at