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28.05.2024 @ Browar Nowa Wytwórnia, Fabryczna 13

KRUG #1 / 2024 powered by community :)

For sponsors

If you are interested in sponsoring KRUG, please send your offer via email at

  • Make sure to include basic details of your company (name, profile, short description).
  • Your offer is a subject to organizers' decisions.
  • If it is accepted, it does not always mean, you are the sponsor of the upcoming event.
  • We usually select our sponsor 1-3 months ahead.
  • We will inform you about the available dates and options with due notice.
  • As a sponsor, you have right to disseminate advertising gadgets during the KRUG event (stickers, mugs etc.).
  • The aforementioned materials can be displayed only in the place designated by organizers.
  • Costs that you commit to bear can differ by 15% as to what is agreed.
  • If your withdraw your sponsorship after it is agreed, it means you will not be allowed to sponsor KRUG again.
  • If your sponsorship gets approval, you will be informed about the event date 7 days before its official announcement.
  • You are allowed to request moving the event by one week, if it collides with your other activities.
  • You are obliged to send a representative to the KRUG event in person.
  • You are entitled to designate 10 people from your company to take part in the event independent of the tickets availability.


  • Follow MINASWAN (Matz is Nice And So We Are Nice).
  • Refrain from aggressive or intrusive HR practices.
  • Alert community leaders, if you notice a dangerous situation or any violations of the following Code of Conduct.
  • For details, go to Berlin Code of Conduct (


Would you like to share your concepts or dilemmas on one of our KRUG events? Or maybe you are up for sponsoring one of them? If your answer is yes to any of the two questions, drop us a message at