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11.02.2020 @ BAL, Ślusarska 9

KRUG #2 / 2020 powered by u2i

Meeting #2/2013 - JS/CS acceptance testing for Rails & Webmachine (Ruby)

GEK - Google for Entrepreneurs in Kraków, Rynek Główny 12, 3 piętro

DRUG invasion!

Jan Filipowski - JS/CS acceptance testing for Rails

I create web application since 2003, professionally since 2008. I'm an expert in Ruby on Rails and JS/CS. I have over 1.5 years experience in developing Single Page Apps - Facebook games, e-commerce support etc. None of them use any frontend framework - they just expose business logic and bind to GUI or data sources (like server-side backend or FB JS SDK).

Paweł Pacana - Webmachine (Ruby)

Expert Ruby programmer with deep operating systems knowledge. Experienced in building distributed applications, performance optimizations and dealing with legacy code.

Organizes DRUG meetings and wroc_love.rb conference.



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