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28.05.2024 @ Browar Nowa Wytwórnia, Fabryczna 13

KRUG #1 / 2024 powered by community :)

KRUG #6 / 2016 - Conversational UI / Chewy - Elastic made easy

BAL, Ślusarska 9

Hello Ruby programmers!

It is time for the next Ruby meetup!

Before that, I want to thank you very much for your attendance and contribution last time. It was great seeing you all.

Here's a a shout-out to Krzysztof and Tomasz for the great presentations :)

You can view their presentations on our Github Organization Account.

This message is going to be a bit longer than usual, but bear with us and read all of it - it is worth it!

Next meetup: KRUG #6 / 2016 -[masked] @ Bal 19:00. This will be the last KRUG meetup before the summer break. We will get back in October, so make sure to come this time and say goodbye to our Cracow Ruby Family :)

The subjects for this meetup will be:

• Conversational UI/Bot UI [EN/PL] by Mateusz Ostafil (Codecool)

• Chewy - Elastic made easy [EN/PL] by Bartłomiej Bułat


• 19:00 - Opening - A Few Words from Organizers

• 19:15 - Conversational UI/Bot UI [EN/PL] by Mateusz Ostafil (Codecool)

• 19:50 - Q&A session

• 20:15 - Chewy - Elastic made easy [EN/PL] by Bartłomiej Bułat

• 20:50 - Q&A session

• 21:00 - Networking

KRUG #6/2016 is sponsored by Codecool. They quest for young talents with the appropriate skill set and motivation to learn programming. They use innovative training methods and focus on inspiring students to learn computer programming.

Few announcements:

• We've started the "KRUG on Tour" initiative, by going to SRUG (Silesian Ruby Users Group) and it was awesome! We will definitely do it more often and we will make sure to bring cool people to Cracow as well!

• If you don't yet follow us on Facebook please do, as it will be much easier to keep you notified about what is going on.

• We want to encourage you to blog about your adventures with programming, so we've decided, that if you're a KRUG member and want a bit of help, we will share your posts with the rest of the community. How can you  start cooperating with us in this matter? Approach any of the organizers @ the meetup or leave us an email at [masked].

• Don't forget about Grill.rb 2016. It is Poland's first outdoor conference devoted fully to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get to know the community! Exchange expert knowledge and experience with other enthusiasts in a relaxing, enjoyable setting. We will be there as well.

• If you're planning to go to Polyconf this year, we will have one ticket for a KRUG member. PolyConf is a three-day, single track, multi-disciplinary conference on advanced technologies for programmers interested in polyglot approach to software development. We will tell you more on how to get it during the upcoming meetup.

• One of our sponsors MySQUAR is looking for a Ruby on Rails Engineer. Bored at work or need some new challenges? Become a part of our unique team to bring cutting-edge products to the exciting mobile market in Myanmar.

• Last but not least: we've established closer cooperation with PROIDEA. This means that in the upcoming season, we will have some sweets for you for sure. PROIDEA is a company involved in the production and complex organization of Polish and international events. They specialize in the events of the IT / tech industry and we support the development of this market in Central and Eastern Europe. Among other things, they're responsible for organizing Atmosphere and CONFidence.

Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon!

Useful links:

• KRUG meetup page

• KRUG Facebook page

• KRUG Github organization page

• Codecool website

• Grill.rb website

• Polyconf website

• PROIDEA website


Would you like to share your concepts or dilemmas on one of our KRUG events? Or maybe you are up for sponsoring one of them? If your answer is yes to any of the two questions, drop us a message at