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12.04.2022 @ Barka, Podgórska 16

KRUG #4 / 2022 powered by Railwaymen

Meetup #7/2014 - Conquer New IT Worlds. Elixir & Swift.

Dali Club, ul. Mazowiecka 21/1

This time we'd like to invite you for 2 presentations:

19:00 - José Valim - Idioms for building distributed fault-tolerant applications with Elixir

This talk will introduce developers to Elixir and the underlying Erlang VM and show how they introduce a completely new vocabulary which shapes how developers design and build concurrent, distributed and fault-tolerant applications. The end of the talk will focus on Elixir and include some live coding.

José Valim (@josevalim) is the creator of the Elixir programming language and member of the Rails Core Team. He is also the lead-developer of Plataformatec, a consultancy firm based in Brazil, and an active member of the Open Source community.


19:45 - Jakub Suder - Quick introduction to Swift for Rubyists 

20:30 - Q&A and networking


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