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11.02.2020 @ BAL, Ślusarska 9

KRUG #2 / 2020 powered by u2i

KRUG #1 / 2017 - Golang vs Ruby | Trailblazer 2.0 - High Level Arch. 4 Ruby

BAL, Ślusarska 9

Hello Ruby enthusiasts! It's time for a next KRUG meetup!

First of all, here's a message from Netguru team (previous KRUG sponsor):

Thanks for attending the presentation about Stripe and Taxamo given by Grzegorz Unijewski from Netguru. Netguru encourages you to visit this link if you’d like to peek into slides once again.

Also, we’d like to remind you that Netguru is always on a lookout for talented RoR Developers, on various levels of expertise - from Juniors to Seniors.

Sounds interesting? Just check the career path available on Netguru’s website and apply for the position that suits your experience and expectations. Moreover, after clicking on a job offer of your interest you’ll find a detailed description of requirements, perks and salary range.
Last but not least, if you’d like to learn more about the company itself - get your copy of Netguru’s recruitment infopack.

Now the current Meetup part:

Meetup details: KRUG #1 / 2017 -[masked] @ Bal 18:00.

The subjects for this meetup will be:

• Golang vs Ruby [EN/PL] by Michał Konarski

• Trailblazer 2.0 - High Level Architecture for Ruby [EN/PL] by Maciej Mensfeld


18:00 - Opening - A Few Words from Organizers + CHANGELOG
18:15 - Golang vs Ruby [EN/PL] by Michał Konarski
18:50 - Q&A session
19:15 - Trailblazer 2.0 - High Level Architecture for Ruby [EN/PL] by Maciej Mensfeld
19:50 - Q&A session
20:00 - Networking

Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon!

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